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Disinfection Lighting

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Disinfection lighting provides a touch-free way to decontaminate equipment and rooms by using targeted UV light to attack and neutralize viruses, bacteria, pathogens, molds, and fungi. Also called UV germicidal light, it exposes air and surfaces to short wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-A, B, and C) to inactivate microorganisms and stop them from replicating. Each microorganism reacts differently to the different wavelengths. Disinfection lighting should be used to augment current cleaning protocols and should not replace a cleaning protocol built around using soap or disinfectants. Disinfection lights are commonly used to decontaminate personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks and high-traffic areas such as schools, medical offices, and public transit. Disinfection lighting accessories provide custom mounting options and help ensure safe operation of disinfection lights. Important: UV-C light can damage skin and eyes, so no one should be nearby when they're turned on.

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