40 Ways to Go Green

Manage Energy

  1. Replace inefficient lamps with compact fluorescent lighting or LEDs.
  2. Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms with occupancy sensors.
  3. Replace standard motors with NEMA® premium efficient motors.
  4. Replace older exit signage with LED or photoluminescent exit signs.
  5. Use ENERGY STAR rated products.
  6. Install adjustable frequency drives to increase motor efficiency.
  7. Upgrade from T12 lamps to energy efficient T8 or T5 without sacrificing light quality.
  8. Match efficient lighting with NEMA & RoHS Compliant ballasts.
  9. Partner with Grainger and Alliance Energy Solutions for turnkey, lighting retrofits.
  10. Upgrade to high efficiency air filters.

Conserve Water

  1. Install waterless/low flow urinals to avoid unnecessary water use.
  2. Installing low-flow wash fountains help reduces water waste.
  3. Use low-flow sensor faucets to help regulate water use.
  4. Install aerators to help reduce water flow rates on existing faucets.
  5. Retrofit to touchless flush valves to help improve overall hygiene.
  6. Installing high efficiency toilets (HETs) can help save a significant amount of water.
  7. Using sprinkler timers can increase productivity and help you avoid wasting water.
  8. Drip Irrigation systems use between 30-50% less water than sprinkler irrigation.
  9. Using low-flow showerheads can help reduce water usage by up to 20%.
  10. Avoid water loss by repairing leaky plumbing.


Reduce Waste

  1. Use paper products with recycled content.
  2. Use trash can liners with recycled content.
  3. Provide recycling containers for all employees.
  4. Use recycling kits to properly dispose of fluorescent lamps, ballasts and batteries.
  5. Install lockers containing recycled content.
  6. Use rechargeable batteries to avoid unnecessary disposal.
  7. Purchase office break-room supplies that are made from recycled content or renewable resources.
  8. Using coreless products reduces waste from packaging.
  9. Encourage employees to Go Green with recycled content signs.
  10. Collect suggestions from employees with this recycled content suggestion box.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

  1. Use Green Seal and EcoLogo certified chemicals.
  2. Improve indoor air quality by using Greenguard certified chemicals.
  3. Use microfiber cloths from Tough Guy® while cleaning to reduce waste and excessive chemical use.
  4. Use vacuums and other items certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute.
  5. Use paints that are VOC compliant to keep your facility productive and free of toxins.
  6. Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes can save energy, but can also improve indoor air quality if they are low emitting.
  7. Utilize lubricants and other products certified by the USDA BioPreferred program.
  8. Use concentrated chemicals with ready-to-dispense cleaner systems to improve efficiency.
  9. Install entry-ways mats to minimize dust and dirt inside your facility.
  10. Monitor indoor air quality with an air quality meter.