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The Lists feature lets you create a list of items that all employees can access, and can be organized by department or building. Find an item once, add it to a list and be able to access it throughout your® experience.

When you activate Custom Line Level fields, you have up to three unique fields available for each item in your list and cart. The values entered in these custom fields from your lists are saved and transition when the item is added to your cart directly from your list so the values in the fields appear on all shipping and billing documents. One of the many benefit of these customs fields is the ability to cross reference Grainger items within Lists with your company’s item numbers for easy receiving and system entry.

Activate Inventory Fields and you can manage your inventory by documenting inventory minimum, maximum, product locations and internal item number. Inventory fields are available for reference or to print inventory labels but do not flow to other areas of, nor are these fields reflected in shipping/billing documents.