Three Keys to Help Understand Why International Solutions from Grainger are Right for You

Take a look at three, basic questions and insights that we use to help clarify why our international solutions are the right choice for you. Put us to work and you’ll discover a reliable, consistent experience with solutions that are internationally-managed and locally-driven.

Why International Solutions from Grainger?

Every customer is unique and faces different challenges. As an international customer, you experience distinct obstacles to your success.

Understanding the pressures international customers experience enables us to offer high-value products, services and solutions that are internationally-managed and locally-driven.

International Solutions offers a multi-channel, collaborative approach to provide a reliable, consistent customer experience to help manage risk and realize cost savings. These internationally-managed and locally-driven solutions include:

• Extensive product assortment
• Powerful eCommerce capabilities
• KeepStock® inventory management solutions
• A network of industry specialists
• Technical expertise and support
• And much more!

Why International Customers Choose Grainger

International operations can be complicated. When it comes to getting the products and services you need, your business demands a reliable, consistent experience. Grainger makes doing business around the globe easier with solutions that help alleviate hassles associated with maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). Put these powerful advantages to work to help your international business grow.


More than 3.2 million businesses and institutions worldwide rely on Grainger for products like hand tools, power tools, leaning, safety and over 1.7 million items to help you get more done! Plus, our vast network of branches and distribution centers mean you get what you need no matter where you do business.


Get a seamless electronic connection to help you find products, place orders and apply payments easily and efficiently with options like:

• Marketplace connections
• Direct connect punchout
• User level punchout
• EDI/ePro POs


Your business demands the latest innovations, useful resources and new ways to help you save time and money. We deliver those advantages, along with expert answers to tough, product-related questions including specialized help in areas like safety and metalworking.


While exact standards and requirements vary by country, safety and staying compliant is a universal concern. International Solutions offers a consistent and complete selection of products, services and resources to help keep your people safe and healthy while operating safer facilities.


One experience for MRO means no matter where you are, you can count on KeepStock® solutions like Customer Managed and Vending options to help you save time and money when managing your critical inventory items. These tools allow you to choose what works best for your operations to optimize effi ciency and savings.

Grainger KeepStock solutions are subject to customer eligibility and agreements.


From websites to advanced purchasing options, our online solutions help simplify your day with advantages like:

• Real-time availability
• Custom catalog
• Order management and approvals
• Account management and registration
• Order history
• Paperless invoices
• And much, much more!

Grainger also serves customers via our international subsidiaries: