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Proper PPE helps prevent injuries and lessen the severity of injuries that do occur. Provide your personnel with the right PPE to ensure their safety. Grainger has what you need to stay safe: we carry a huge selection of PPE and thousands of other safety products.



Keep emergencies under control with Grainger

When an emergency such as a water leak happens, you have to act quickly. Count on Grainger to have the products you need in inventory to fix what's wrong. Take a look at our Emergency products.

Protect employees working in confined spaces

Grainger offers a wide selection of PPE, tools, ventilation equipment, calibration kits and gas detection equipment to help you protect your employees. View our confined space products.

Don't wait for the smoke to prepare for the fire

Nobody wants to be unprepared in case of a fire. It is important to have what you need ahead of time so you can avoid major catastrophes. View our extensive selection of Fire Safety products.


Keep your staff safe and secure at all times

Grainger is the number one safety supplier in North America, and we have the products you need to keep your staff safe. We also offer quick delivery so you can carry less inventory. View Safety supplies.

Energy-efficient products

Do you have a recycling program?

The goal of recycling programs is to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Are you doing everything you should to reduce the amount of waste entering the environment? Grainger has the products and services you need.

Keep emergencies under control with Grainger