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Roofing Maintenance and Repair Services

Available Roofing Services Include:

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Patch & Repair: Take advantage of maintenance crews ready to repair your roof and other building services.

Services Include:

  • Access to roofing and maintenance services
  • 24/7 emergency and non-emergency leak repairs
  • Flashing repairs and installation
  • Drain and curb installation
  • Roof cleaning and maintenance
  • Joint sealing and repair

Restoration: Help prolong the life of structures and postpone replacement for years with restoration coatings.

Services Include:

  • Cost-effective solution that also complies with building codes
  • No tear off which eliminates landfill issues and high costs
  • Reflective roof surfaces helps reduce energy consumption
  • Keep your building warm in the winter and cool in summer
  • Includes patching, repairing and maintenance all-in-one
  • Provides a strengthening shield

Roof Maintenance Programs: Roofing experts will plan and prioritize your program after thoroughly inspecting your roof.

Services Include:

  • Detect and repair problem areas before they become issues
  • 24-hour emergency leak response time
  • Extend the life cycles of your roof and facility
  • Available in TremCare Gold and TremCare Platinum package

IR/Drone Roof Diagnostics: Take the guesswork out of your next roof inspection.

Services Include:

  • Save time and reduce expenses
  • Pinpoint and fix roof problem areas
  • Reduce energy use
  • Evaluate roof conditions before warranties expire
  • Secure accurate quotes for roof repair and replacement

Roof Cleaning: RoofTec system provides fast, thorough and eco-friendly roof surface cleaning.

Services Include:

  • Minimum labor, maximum results, restoration ready
  • Ideal choice for cleaning before restoration or repair
  • Clean up to 40,000 sq. ft. in just eight hours
  • Reduce water waste by up to 70%
  • Keep your white roofs bright

Online Management Services: Instantly access everything you need to know about your entire rooftop system.

Services Include:

  • Easy tracking and management of roofing assets
  • Quick identification of priorities
  • Support for budget decisions
  • Consistent and accurate information
  • 24/7 data accessibility and security
  • Access to historical data

Air Barrier Audits: Identify where leaks occur and implement an energy-saving system.

Services Include:

  • Reduce excessive energy consumption/li>
  • Manage temperature and humidity control/li>
  • Improve indoor air quality/li>
  • Help control pest, odor and dirt infiltration/li>
  • Eliminate condensation and moisture/li>
  • Prevent ice dams on exterior structures