New ANSI and ISEA Cut Resistance Standards

New cut resistance standards from American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) became effective in March 2016. These new standards include changes to the ratings scale and the standardization on a testing methodology.

Ansell has developed a range of educational tools to make the standards simpler to understand and easier to adopt. In addition, our cut protection gloves will be marked per the new performance standards to ensure full adherence.

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The New ANSI/ISEA Cut Test Methodology: 2016 What has changed. What it means.

The 2016 ANSI/ISEA cut resistance standards are based on a specific testing methodology, ASTM F2992-15, which can be performed on only one type of machine, the TDM-100. With this testing methodology, samples are cut along a straight path by a straight-edged blade under force. The European ISO 13997 test procedure will also use only the TDM-100 for the EN388 standard. Defining the testing procedure this way will:

  • Ensure uniform test results
  • Make it easier to compare scores for different materials and products
  • Reinforce the compatibility between the two international standards

Going forward, cut resistance in occupational gloves will be measured on a scale of A1-thru-A9 (ANSI/ISEA 2016), instead of the 1-thru-5 (ISEA 105-2011) scale in use since 2011. In North America, performance results will still be measured in grams of force. The recently adopted European EN 388 standard for mechanical gloves will continue to use newtons. The revised, compatible approaches will:

  • Reduce the gaps between protection levels
  • Add new levels for establishing better performance
  • Ensure clearer valuations of protection levels

The chart below contrasts the old performance scale with the newly revised ANSI levels and their counterparts:

Change in ANSI/ISEA Classification Levels for Cut Resistance

Change in ANSI/ISEA Classification Levels for Cut Resistance

* Note: 1 Newton is equal to 102 grams of force. This means the new ANSI cut level in North America will correlate to the EN388 cut level in Canada and Europe.

Going forward, Ansell products and marketing collateral will communicate 2016 ANSI cut levels in new graphic icons, as shown on the glove example below.

Example : 2016 ANSI cut levels in new graphic icons

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