Grainger Distribution Center Completes Major Lighting Upgrade

New LEDs Will Improve Light Quality and Reduce Operating Expenses
Grainger, the leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products serving businesses and institutions, today announced the completion of a lighting upgrade at its one-million square-foot distribution center in Kansas City, Missouri. The project significantly improves the quality of light in the facility, which contributes to greater employee morale and productivity.


The Kansas City distribution center was built about 30 years ago with what was considered efficient lighting at the time, high pressure sodium lamps. Grainger’s decision to update the lighting to energy efficient LEDs this year was primarily because the company wanted to upgrade the quality of light in the facility for team members and take advantage of local utility rebates and substantial energy savings. The utility rebates equated to nearly 20% of the total cost of the project, and the energy saving LED light fixture is 80% more efficient in power consumption than the previous high pressure sodium fixture. An occupancy sensor has been included on each LED fixture is targeted to reduce the operating time of each fixture by more than 50%. The project is expected to pay for itself in less than four years due to projected energy savings and utility rebates.

“Our team is thrilled with the new lighting. The Kansas City distribution center operates about 22 hours a day, so coordinating time for the project outside of operating hours took a lot of flexibility and teamwork. The new fixtures give off a nice, bright light that makes a big difference to the overall look and feel in the facility,” says Jerome Richardson, Senior Director at the Kansas City distribution center.

In addition to improved energy efficiency, LED lamps have longer life spans, lower maintenance costs, and eliminate the potential of hazardous waste costs because they contain no lead or mercury. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that switching entirely to LED lamps over the next two decades could save the United States $250 billion in energy costs and cut electricity consumption for lighting in half. Businesses can calculate the cost of waiting to update their own lighting systems by using Grainger’s online estimator at

Grainger has been in the lighting business for more than 30 years, and its lighting offering includes more than 12,000 products from brands like General Electric, Philips and Acuity. Grainger Lighting Solutions helps customers implement comprehensive lighting retrofits through its network of qualified, insured and licensed service partners. These partners help identify and facilitate the installation of energy- saving lighting products, dispose or recycle of any applicable product and secure all available incentives and rebates from local utility companies. For more information about Grainger Lighting Solutions, visit grainger-lighting-services.