What Is a Greener Product?

When shopping on Grainger.com, look for the green leaf icon  to help you locate products that may help you run a greener facility.
Green Leaf
Please note that this leaf is intended to help guide our customers to more environmentally preferable solutions and is not meant to represent a certification. Products identified with this leaf fall into two categories of more environmentally preferable products—those that are certified by independent organizations and those that have "green environmental attributes." Our goal is to provide customers with the ability to find products that promote sustainability through reducing energy, conserving water, minimizing waste and improving indoor air quality through using products such as greener cleaners. In addition to product identification, Grainger has the goal of providing transparency to customers in terms of why products are identified as more environmentally preferable, so each individual organization can make their own determination of whether or not certain products meet their defined "green" goals.


Certified Products
Certification from organizations like ENERGY STAR and EcoLogo can help shed light on which products meet the established requirements to be considered "high-efficiency" and "more environmentally preferable." Look to a supplier you trust that identifies certified green products clearly.

To learn more about these organizations, click on one of the following logos:

Energy Star NEMA Premium WaterSense Green Seal EcoLogo
Greenguard BioPreferred Design for the Environment - Safer Choice CRI Green Label
SMaRT SCS Sustainable Choice SCS Indoor Advantage Biodegradable Products Institute RoHS
Forest Stewardship Council Sustainable Forest Initiative CarbonFree